A motor connected to Bluetooth to your phone

Teebike reinvents the bike wheel
Goodbye insurmountable distances!
Electrify the bike you've always liked
Face all the climbs
Roue electrique velo
No sweat and you are on time!

The 1st electric front wheel without cable

Featuring a powerful, simple and powerful engine, here is a wheel that will take you everywhere! Installed in minutes instead of your current front wheel, and equipped with a Bluetooth system, it is connected to your phone with the TeeBike app, which will allow you to adjust the power assistance level or even from the Cut to find your “classic” bike.

No matter the course, climb on your bike, pedal, let yourself be worn and … good road!

Easy to install

Thanks to Teebike, you will only need a few minutes and tools (supplied with the wheel) to replace your current wheel. No need for technical knowledge, the wheel settles like a classic wheel.

A connected anti-theft

The safety of your bike and its teebike wheel is our priority. Tap the “Lock” icon on the main application screen and the alarm will be activated. In case of movement or suspect manipulation, it will sound and the wheel will lock in reverse. Finally, to complete the whole, an anti-theft is supplied with the wheel.

The Teebike app

Equipped with a Bluetooth system, the wheel is connected to your phone with the TeeBike application. Connected or not, the teebike electric wheel turns on as soon as the bike moves on the basis of the latest settings left in memory.

Simple to recharge

The reloading of your battery is as simple as for your phone … Connect the charger to the axis of your wheel, connect it to an electrical outlet and 4 hours later, it will be recharged at 100%!

A high-end battery

Built with last generation and high quality batteries, the battery guarantees a battery life of up to 80 km.

An ultra-performance engine

The Teebike Wheel is equipped with an electric motor on which you can rest in all circumstances. Need to restart at a traffic light or climb? Operate the “boost” function to achieve effortless. Want to find your simple bicycle? Cut the motor and drive without electricity.

They talk about us


Technical characteristics

What is hidden behind the Marguerite

Engine – 250 Watts (Engine Couple: 55 Newton Meter)

Support – 25 km / hour max

Distance – up to 80 km

Battery – Lithium-ion of 315 W / H

Battery life – 1500 charges

Charge time – 2 hours (80%) – 4 hours (100%)

Weight – 7.5kg

Wheel size – 20/26 / 24 / 27.5 / 28 / 29 inches

Type of brakes – Discs and skates

Connection – Bluetooth Low Energy

Phone – iOS 10 and above / Android 5.0 and more

Who are we?

Teebike philosophy

It is during a simple tourist ride in China …

… that Laurent, at the origin of the Teebike project, made in 2019 the discovery of a “bicycle cemetery”. Genuine open pit discharge, this cemetery brings together thousands of unused and abandoned bikes without hope of getting a second life. After some research, he discovers that these spaces spread more and more around the world, and sets itself the goal of finding an alternative to this logic at all-disposable that harms our environment and our future.

He then brings together a team to develop the Teebike wheel, at the crossroads of recycling and the expansion of the electric.

Cimetière de vélo
equipe Teebike

Our certainty

Your bike is unusable! Tire change, brake control, derailleur adjustment and will cross decades without problem. So rather than getting rid of it because it is no longer quite suitable for your movements, constraints or physical form, Teebike offers you to electrify it in minutes.

Our goal

Contribute to the sustainable respect of our environment, offering all the possibility of giving life to its “classic” bike, by making it possible for modern assets (connected electricity), practical and accessible (in terms of installation as price )

And to go further in our approach, we also tied a partnership with Ecottere and Plantons, for each wheel bought a beautiful red oak you become the owner.

Roue electrique Teebike
Roue electrique velo

Our bicycle commitment

We participate and actively support associations around the bike to help and accompany all people who want to use their bike as a main or alternative mode of transport to the car.

The bike, as a leisure and mode of transport contributes to a better environment, better health and a better balance, then all in saddle!

Our partners

In consistency with our environmental commitment, it is logically that we have joined Corepile, the leading eco-organization in France for the collection and recycling of batteries and small batteries, in order to benefit from its expertise and ensure a Efficient and secure recycling of teebike batteries.

Each battery is put on the French market by Teebike is the subject of an eco-participation paid from Corepile. Once used the batteries are returned to CorePile that ensures recycling.

In order to ensure the perfect maintenance and maintenance of your Teebike wheel, we have a partnership with Cyclofix. To benefit from their services, nothing more simple:
Log in to their site, locate your bike support location, make an appointment and a mechanic will join you where it will arrange you to take care of your Teebike wheel.


Teebike's commitment to the environment

Teebike puts environmental issues at the heart of its concerns. Its sustainable development policy is part of a process of reducing the carbon footprint with a sustained investment in the reforestation of French forests.

Aide Teebike

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