Teebike electric bike



  • Reconditioned in France in our workshops
  • 60km range
  • Recharged in 4 hours
  • 2 year warranty

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Reconditioned in our workshop and electrified with our Teebike wheel, this urban bike equipped with 6 gears, will accompany you easily in your daily trips.

It is suitable for all sizes between 1.60m and 1.90m.

Description of the bike

Equipped with a Teebike electric wheel, our bike is optimally equipped, making it unique and hard-wearing.

  • Cardan drive (no chain!)
  • Shimano Nexus 6 Speed hub (no derailleurs!)
  • Drum brake at the rear and pads at the front
  • A spring-loaded saddle and a gearshift

Package contents

  • Reebike city bike with Teebike wheel
  • Teebike wheel charger
  • Installation manual
  • Teebike application user manual
  • Handlebar holder for smartphone
  • Assembly tools

The notice of the Teebikers

A formidable efficiency.

Thank you, this wheel is fabulous, your advice is perfect and you are so efficient.

I recommend to 100%

I am very happy to have taken my bike with your Teebike wheel this morning and to arrive at the office on time, without having been hot despite having ridden 11km. It's so easy to use, it feels great on my bike, I recommend it to 100%

Incredible comfort

I received my wheel yesterday and had my first experience this morning in Paris, 60 km in incredible comfort, it is great. Thanks a lot to everyone for your presence and efficiency!