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The Teebike electric wheel is a wheel equipped with a motor, battery and sensors that allows you to electrify your bike in just a few minutes. With no cables, it's easy to install by replacing the front wheel of your exercise bike.

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The worry-free Teebike experience: free delivery and returns, payment in instalments, satisfied or your money back!

Experience a terrific experience in any peace of mind

The delivery of your electric wheel is available. And if you're not seduced, the return is free as well. We're with you every step of the way. You contact us and we send you a pre-paid returns label to send the wheel back to us. At Teebike, everything's simple!

Pay for your Teebike wheel in instalments with our partner ALMA. You can choose to split your payments into 3x and 4x free of chargeor 10x and 12x with charges. So you can get the most out of your wheel straight away.

Teebike offers you 20-day trial to test the wheel, at home, at your own pace, on YOUR journeys. Time enough to discover all its features up close and see if it meets your needs. If the wheel doesn't suit you, you can send it back to us free of charge.

At Teebike we like to keep things simple. Whether you have a question, need assistance or have a technical problem, our team can be reached at mail, chat or telephonethe Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Our repair workshop, located in Brignoles, France, handles all any work carried out by technicians trained by Teebike within a reasonable timeframe.

The Teebike wheel is 2-year guarantee.

Support & after-sales service If you need help, you contact us and we assess the problem with you. After an initial remote diagnosis and if an intervention is necessary, you return the wheel to us. We will provide you with a pre-paid label. The cost of returning the wheel after servicing is also free of charge.

The Teebike package contains the wheel to the diameter of your choice, fitted witha tyre standard as well as all accessories to make installation a breeze and get the most out of them: a disc brake, a set of tools (spanner and bolts), a smartphone holder to screw onto the handlebars of your bike, a crankset sensor, an electric charger and a help manual installation and use of your wheel if required.

All like an electric bike

But less heavy

More economic

Give your bike a second life

The whole by keeping your bike

From performances identical to a electric bicycle

An average range of 60 km

Take to the road with peace of mind and travel up to 60 km on a single charge.

25 km/h electric assistance

equivalent to an electric bicycle and in compliance with the regulations in force.

Lightning recharge

Plugged into the mains, the battery recharges at 80% in 2 hours and 100% in 4 hours.

Assured handling and balance

The wheel's ergonomic design has been thought out for optimum, safe weight distribution.

Anti-theft solutions

The wheel is equipped with a connected alarm that can be activated via the app, and a system for deactivating the electric assistance remotely.
Optional on our website anti-theft tightening bolt with proprietary key.

Woman on bicycle with electric wheel

A wheel that adapts on almost all bikes

Mountain bikes, city bikes, tandems, cargo bikes...the Teebike wheel is compatible with the vast majority of bikes fitted with disc brakes or to skates. Available in all wheel sizes (from 20 to 29 inches), it comes with a standard city tyre that you can easily replace with your bike's existing tyre. Simply change your front wheel and off you go YOUR bike transformed into an electric bike in 5 minutes.

A wheel eligible for grants

As well as being 2 to 3 times cheaper than an electric bike, the Teebike wheel is eligible for city grants including electrification kits in their programme, but also in the sustainable mobility package companies. The amount of this aid can vary from 200€ à 800€ and some of them can be combined. So you can further reduce the cost of acquiring your Teebike.

The Teebike wheel is eligible for subsidies and mobility packages from local authorities and companies.

Quickly received, easily installed

The Teebike electric wheel can be installed in just a few minutes on your bike. You don't have to be a cycling geek, there are no no cablesIt's all in the wheel. You just replace your front wheel and you connect the wheel in bluetooth the free Teebike application. And if you need help, our teams are on hand to support you every step of the way. Drive now!

Technical specifications

  • Engine250 watts (motor torque: 50 newton meter)
  • Support25 km/hour max
  • Autonomy60 km
  • Battery315wh Lithium-ion
  • Battery life1500 charges
  • Charging time2 hours (80%) - 4 hours (100%)
  • Weight7.5 kg
  • Wheel sizes20 / 24 / 26 / 27.5 / 28 / 29 inches
  • Brake typesdiscs and skates
  • ConnectionBluetooth low energy
  • TelephoneiOS 10 and above / Android 5.0 and above
  • Guarantee2 years

Package contents

  • the wheel equipped with its city tyre
  • a disc brake
  • the electric charger
  • the pedal sensor
  • the telephone holder
  • the necessary tools
  • the installation and user manual.

Find out why Teebikers love our electric wheel

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⏱ Delivered within 3 to 4 working days, the Teebike wheel still has every chance of'arriving in time under your Christmas tree ⏱❗It is available from €495, hurry up the 27'5 inch are already out of stock ➡ #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023 #ideecadeecadeaunoel #noel #noël #cadeaunoel
👍20 DAYS to make sure the Teebike wheel matches your expectations, and a free return if it doesn't, it's perfect to validate the wheel, right? ❗The wheel is available from £495, hurry the 27'5 inch ones are already out of stock ➡ #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023 #ideecadeecadeaunoel #noel #noël #cadeaunöel
👍60km of autonomy on average, that's more than enough for you to enjoy your ride in peace ❗The wheel is available from €495, hurry up the 27'5 inches are already out of stock ➡ #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023 #ideecadeecadeaunoel #noel #noël #cadeaunoel
🔧 Installed on the front of your bike and with no cables, the Teebike wheel has been designed to be easily fitted by everyone, whether you have a bit of a mechanical side or not 🔧❗The wheel is available from €495, so hurry because even though we've just restocked, there may not be enough for everyone at that price ➡ #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023 #ideecadeecadeaunoel #noel #noël #cadeaunoel
🎄 Teebike's special ADVENT is here! Until Christmas, we're giving you one good reason a day to put our super wheel under the tree. Are you ready? 🎄❗The wheel is available from €495, so hurry, because even though we've just restocked, there might not be enough for everyone at that price ➡ #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023 #ideecadeecadeaunoel #noel #noël #cadeaunoel
The Teebike wheel can be fitted to almost any bike! Our Teebiker Thierry is on his third bike customised with our super wheel and each time, a real eye-opener 😍#teebike #ecoresponsable #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023
Because, even if we've been aiming for quality since the very beginning, technical problems can happen, and we're committed to offering you after-sales service that matches our wheel. And when we receive messages like this one from Henri, we feel like mission accomplished 👍⬇"The wheel was no longer connecting to the'app. After emailing Teebike, I was immediately contacted at my holiday destination. After diagnosing the problem, they decided to send me another wheel as it was impossible to fix the problem remotely. I don't regret having bought a French wheel. In any case, I find this wheel efficient and the after-sales service responsive. It's rather reassuring and rare."#teebike #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023
Black and white 🤩#teebike #ecoresponsible #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023
From the Canal des Deux Mers to Sète, our Teebikers Patrick and Claudine travelled over 600km on their bikes fitted with the Teebike wheel 😲💪"We've just completed a cycling trip with the Teebike wheel, a journey of over 600km! It was great fun despite a few blunders on our part (we had reversed the pedal sensors on our bikes!!!). A big thank you to the Teebike team for their responsiveness and friendliness."Thank you both for your trust and well done 😘#teebike #ecoresponsable #ecoresponsable♻️ #upcycling #recycling #velo #vélo #teebikerevolution #teebiker #velotour #velotaf #velotourisme #kitélectrique #kitélectrification #ecotourisme #tourismeavelo #concourslepine2023

Your questions the most common on the Teebike wheel

The Teebike wheel has been designed to fit most bicycles.

However, there are 3 points to check to find out if your bike is compatible with the Teebike electric bike kit:  

  • Your bike must not be fitted with drum brakes or back-pedalling. The wheel operates with both pad and disc brakes.
  • Your bike must not have a through shaft.
  • Fork spacing front of your bike must be sufficient to allow the engine block to pass through. This is usually the case, but V-shaped or tapered forks can cause problems.

Check your bike's compatibility with the Teebike wheel in just a few minutes, click here.

The Teebike electric wheel comes in five sizes: 20, 24, 26, 27.5 and 28/29 inches.

To find out the size of your wheel, all you have to do is take a look at your tyre ! Size and diameter are indicated in inches or centimetres.

A full charge at 100% takes about 4 hours . If you have less time, you should know that in 2h you will recharge approximately 80% your battery.

The wheel fits v-brake brakes (shoe brakes) and disc brakes of your bike. And every Teebike package includes a brake disc in case you need one.

Many towns and departments offer grants to facilitate the purchase of the Teebike wheel. Procedures and amounts may vary. What's more, if you're an employee, your company may also offer the Sustainable Mobility package for which the Teebike wheel is also eligible. Don't hesitate to contact your local council and/or your employer for more information.

When the battery in your Teebike wheel reaches the end of its life (on average after 5 years), it will lose some of its range. So it's a good time to replace it. Teebike will then take charge of your wheel and take the opportunity to carry out a complete overhaul..

This work is, and must be, carried out by our qualified technicians.

Simply contact us by mail or telephone. We'll send you a quotation and instructions on how to replace your old battery with a new one.

What do we do with used batteries? Teebike recycles used batteries through a partnership with CorepileThe aim is always to generate as little polluting waste as possible. 

Teebike and Teebikers on Instagram

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