Yes ! You just have to check 3 points :

  1. Your wheel’s dimensions in order to make sure to pick the right size wheel. There are currently 4 kinds of Teebike wheels available :
    – 20” or 406 for mini and cargo bikes.
    – 26” or 559 mainly for road and mountain bikes.
    – 27,5 or 584 for some road bikes and old bikes such as Peugeot, Gitanes (on the tires you will maybe read 26 x 1 ½ x2).
    – 28” or 622 and 700 mainly for commuter and road bikes.
  2. Check that the distance between the two arms of the fork is at least 10cm wide so that the motor doesn’t rub against them.
  3. Check that the wheel’s axle has a 9mm diameter, the bottom of the arms of your fork must therefore have a 1cm opening.

We recommend you check these 3 points before buying the wheel.