With a battery empty, you will still be able to ride your bike, just like when you stop the motor. You will then be back to your “classic” bike !


The battery is made of several small lithium and A-category batteries, which is the best quality you can find.

It guarantees 1000 lifetime charges when charging at 100%, and 1500 lifetime charges when charging at 80%. For someone using their bike very often, it would be equal to 5 years of use, or more that 30 000 km.


The Teebike wheel was conceived to be used right away after the installation on your bike. However, it can happen that it doesn’t work properly from the beginning. If it happens, here are some things to check :

  • Check that the Bluetooth connection is on.
  • Check that the battery is charged.
  • Check that the name of your wheel appears on your screen.

If the wheel doesn’t connect to the phone, close the application, re-open and start over.


If your wheel happens to slow down or ride by fits and starts, you probably need to set up or readjust the gyroscope :

  1. Click on the settings (in the upper left corner of the app).
  2. Click on “Gyro angle”.
  3. Follow the procedure then try to ride your bike again to see if the wheel works properly.

If not, please contact us


The battery’s charge can last up to 80km, but can vary depending on :

  • the level of assistance chosen,
  • the difference in the incline of the roads,
  • the type of road,
  • the regularity of braking and accelerating,
  • the weather (temperature, wind…),
  • your weight.

Example :

A 155lb person riding on a flat road, riding with 50% electric assistance will be able to use the wheel with assistance for around 70km. If this same person decided to increase the level of assistance on a sloppy road, he/she will benefit from around 50km of autonomy.


Before starting to ride, you will have to set the gyroscopic angle of the wheel using the Teebike application (Settings > Gyro angle). This check insures that your wheel is perfectly aligned with the rest of your bike. Once you have checked this angle, you are good to go.

You might have to check it again from time to time since the bumps or vibrations endured by the wheel during your rides could sometimes affect this alignment.

Apart from checking this setting, your wheel is ready to take you everywhere.


Just send us the wheel, if you need to change the battery. We will replace the battery in your wheel within a week and send it back to you. It will cost 200€.


We have 4 different sizes of wheel : 20″, 26″, 27.5″ et 28″

Other sizes can be available in presale, please write us an email :


What is the size of my current wheel ?
The size and diameter of your wheel are written on the tire, in inches or centimeters




Here is a website that will help you check your wheel’s dimensions :

Guide to wheel sizing and measurements


What about the tires ? 
The wheel has a standard rim allowing one to install tires with diameters going from 37mm to 62mm and is compatible with city, road, and even mountain tires.

What about pressure ? 

The pressure is always indicated on the tires. As for the one you will receive with the Teebike wheel, we recommend to keep the pressure at 58 psi.



If it works without the Teebike wheel, it can also work with it ! The wheel doesn’t change geometry or security of your bike. Nonetheless, it is very important that you check the function of your brakes on a regular basis.

The total weight carried by the bike must not exceed 150kg / 330 lb.

Good to know : just like for any electric bicycle, the wheel’s autonomy will vary according to the weight carried and the level of electric assistance chosen. With a child seat on the bike, it will therefore be less powerful.


No Problem !

You will just have to download the Teebike application on your new phone (available on iOs and Android systems). As soon as the application is installed, you will be able to search for the wheel by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner.

When the Teebike wheel is identified, you select it to activate the connection, and then you will be able to use the wheel with your brand new phone !