The Teebike wheel was conceived to be used right away after the installation on your bike. However, it can happen that it doesn’t work properly from the beginning. If it happens, here are some things to check :

  • Check that the Bluetooth connection is on.
  • Check that the battery is charged.
  • Check that the name of your wheel appears on your screen.

If the wheel doesn’t connect to the phone, close the application, re-open and start over.


If your wheel happens to slow down or ride by fits and starts, you probably need to set up or readjust the gyroscope :

  1. Click on the settings (in the upper left corner of the app).
  2. Click on “Gyro angle”.
  3. Follow the procedure then try to ride your bike again to see if the wheel works properly.

If not, please contact us :info@teebike.ooo


One of our priorities is to allow all of our clients to use their withdrawal right if they want to, with no need to explain why, free of charge and with the best conditions.

In order to use your withdrawal right, you have to write us an email at info@teebike.ooo

There are two ways to return the wheel :

  1. You send it back to us, by choosing your preferred transportation means.
  2. Our partner, DHL, comes to the address of your choice to take the wheel back. After we checked that it’s still in very good condition, so that it can be resold, the reimbursement to the bank account you used to buy the wheel will be done in 48h.

To be accepted for a return or exchange, the product needs to be placed in its original packaging, sent with all the accessories and tools provided (charger, manual, etc…) and in perfect condition so that it can be resold (no dirt, no scratch, not used…).

The return shipping fees are to be paid by the client, unless the return is the result of a conformity problem or hidden defect of the product.


The Teebike wheel was designed to be compatible with any bike as long as the distance between the two arms of the fork is at least 10cm. Nonetheless, if you encounter any difficulty, you can write us here :  info@teebike.ooo

If you have any difficulty with setting your brakes, here are videos that should help you…




You should not have any difficulty connecting the wheel, but if you do, please contact us : info@teebike.ooo

If the wheel has broken down, there are two options :

  1. We provide you with the address of a cycling shop nearby to fix it.
  2. If no cycling shop is available nearby, we will collect the wheel wherever you want and fix it directly in our workshop. The repairing process will not take more than 15 days. If it will need more than 15 days, we would offer you a replacement wheel while you wait for yours to be ready.