The Teebike wheel is an all-in-one connected object.

It is made of a motor, a battery and electronic components, all gathered at the center of the wheel.

As soon as you ride above 5km/h, gyroscopic captors inside the wheel will make the motor start and assist you according to the level of electric assistance you choose through the app, and until 25km/h. If you don’t have access to the app,  the motor will use the last assistance level you chose.

If you stop the engine, the wheel will work just like any ‘normal’ wheel.

Easy, right ?

In respect to the European rules, the Teebike wheel has an electric assistance that cannot go higher than 25km/h. You still can use the strength of your legs to go faster but after 25km/h, the motor will cut itself.

You just have to pedal ! The Teebike wheel works thanks to a gyroscopic and brushless motor, allowing you to ride your bike without feeling any rubbing or without losing any fluidity on your moves.

The average weight of our wheel is 7kg / 15,4 lb.

Note that as soon as you start riding, you will no longer feel the weight of the wheel. When moving the handlebars, braking or the general reactivity of your bike will remain as fluid and precise as before.

Before starting to ride, you will have to set the gyroscopic angle of the wheel using the Teebike application (Settings > Gyro angle). This check insures that your wheel is perfectly aligned with the rest of your bike. Once you have checked this angle, you are good to go.

You might have to check it again from time to time since the bumps or vibrations endured by the wheel during your rides could sometimes affect this alignment.

Apart from checking this setting, your wheel is ready to take you everywhere.