Yes ! You just have to check 3 points :

  1. Your wheel’s dimensions in order to make sure to pick the right size wheel. There are currently 4 kinds of Teebike wheels available :
    – 20” or 406 for mini and cargo bikes.
    – 26” or 559 mainly for road and mountain bikes.
    – 27,5 or 584 for some road bikes and old bikes such as Peugeot, Gitanes (on the tires you will maybe read 26 x 1 ½ x2).
    – 28” or 622 and 700 mainly for commuter and road bikes.
  2. Check that the distance between the two arms of the fork is at least 10cm wide so that the motor doesn’t rub against them.
  3. Check that the wheel’s axle has a 9mm diameter, the bottom of the arms of your fork must therefore have a 1cm opening.

We recommend you check these 3 points before buying the wheel.


As long as the space between the two arms of your fork is 10cm at the bottom of the arms and at least 8,5cm at 15cm up starting from the bottom of the fork. This would be the only technical constraint.

If your fork doesn’t fit, you can still have it changed in a cycling shop.


We have 4 different sizes of wheel : 20″, 26″, 27.5″ et 28″

Other sizes can be available in presale, please write us an email : info@teebike.ooo


What is the size of my current wheel ?
The size and diameter of your wheel are written on the tire, in inches or centimeters




Here is a website that will help you check your wheel’s dimensions :

Guide to wheel sizing and measurements


What about the tires ? 
The wheel has a standard rim allowing one to install tires with diameters going from 37mm to 62mm and is compatible with city, road, and even mountain tires.

What about pressure ? 

The pressure is always indicated on the tires. As for the one you will receive with the Teebike wheel, we recommend to keep the pressure at 58 psi.



If it works without the Teebike wheel, it can also work with it ! The wheel doesn’t change geometry or security of your bike. Nonetheless, it is very important that you check the function of your brakes on a regular basis.

The total weight carried by the bike must not exceed 150kg / 330 lb.

Good to know : just like for any electric bicycle, the wheel’s autonomy will vary according to the weight carried and the level of electric assistance chosen. With a child seat on the bike, it will therefore be less powerful.



You can do it just like you would with any other bike. Just keep two things in mind :

  • The whole weight of the bicycle (rider included) should not be over 330 lb.
  • The motor’s power will be reduced, since the wheel will have to carry more weight.

The Teebike wheel is a standard wheel, it is therefore compatible with any kind of brakes, except for bikes with drum brakes.

  1. If you have disk brakes, you will have to install the disc we provide using the screws provided, instead of your own disc.
  2. If you have rim brakes, you will have to remove the disk brake installed on the Teebike wheel, and then check that the brakes are perfectly aligned with the wheel’s rim.


If your tire bursts or deflates, and as long as it is not too damaged, you will just have to fix it, or change the inner tube.


The wheel is compatible with rim and disc brakes.

  • If your bike has rim brakes, you will have to check that they are right in front of the rim after installing the wheel.
  • If your bike has disc brakes, instead of using your regular disc, you will have to install our disc using the screws we provide.

CAREFUL :  the Teebike wheel is not compatible with drum brakes. If you have drum brakes, the only way for you to use the wheel would be to change your brakes.