A charger is provided with the wheel. You will just have to plug it in.The wheel’s plugis at the center of the daisy icon. It will be fully charged and ready to go within 4 hours.

Before contacting us, please check that :

1.     The charger is well plugged and powered (a red light must appear on the case).

2.     The plug is well inserted inside the wheel’s axle, on the daisy icon side. It must insert without force.

3.     Check the app after around 30 minutes to see if the battery’s level has increased.


If not, please contact us at info@teebike.ooo

A full charge takes around 4 hours, but you are able to charge your wheel at 80% in 2 hours.

There’s an indicator light on the charger. When it’s red, it means that the battery is not fully charged. When it’s green, it means that the battery is fully charged.

The level of battery is also indicated in your app.


With a battery empty, you will still be able to ride your bike, just like when you stop the motor. You will then be back to your “classic” bike !

The battery is made of several small lithium and A-category batteries, which is the best quality you can find.

It guarantees 1000 lifetime charges when charging at 100%, and 1500 lifetime charges when charging at 80%. For someone using their bike very often, it would be equal to 5 years of use, or more that 30 000 km.

The battery’s charge can last up to 80km, but can vary depending on :

  • the level of assistance chosen,
  • the difference in the incline of the roads,
  • the type of road,
  • the regularity of braking and accelerating,
  • the weather (temperature, wind…),
  • your weight.

Example :

A 155lb person riding on a flat road, riding with 50% electric assistance will be able to use the wheel with assistance for around 70km. If this same person decided to increase the level of assistance on a sloppy road, he/she will benefit from around 50km of autonomy.

Just send us the wheel, if you need to change the battery. We will replace the battery in your wheel within a week and send it back to you. It will cost 200€.